Major Emergency Management

Major Emergency Management We train your Ship Master, Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), Operations Shift Supervisor or Person in Charge (PIC) and the respective command teams in both emergency mitigation, coordination, and action-oriented leadership.

Major Emergency Management (MEM) Training and Assessment

We educate your command and Emergency Response Team (ERT) using hands-on interaction, complete with detailed and personal feedback and guidance, all based on multiple case studies over the last several years. DCI gives your personnel the skill and knowledge they will need in order to immediately mitigate any emergency they are confronted with. Exercise scenarios include:

  • Helicopter crash
  • Loss of Station Keeping
  • Terrorist strike
  • Blowout
  • Class Bravo fire
  • Abandonment
  • H2S
  • Electrical fire
  • Subsea pipeline failure
  • Collision

Action-oriented leadership: we build confident leaders who will take decisive and appropriate action on behalf of their crew and platform.

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The Master, Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), PIC, or Shift Superintendent must remain calm, laser focused, and decisive as they work through a myriad of emergencies.

Major Emergency Management (MEM) requires the full participation of the entire command crew. No one is unimportant.